Office Article about the Artist Norma Abou-Rizk, published on November 30, 2023

Norma Abou-Rizk talks about how she became an artist and shares some of her pieces with us.

Buckle up for the rollercoaster adventure that is my life! A girl who lived in 5 countries, jet-setting to over 40 others, changing addresses more times than she can remember. But the real plot twist happened when the pandemic hit, turning my world upside down and, unexpectedly, turning me into an accidental artist.

Picture this: March 2020, post-Costa Rica adventures, and there I am, confined to my couch, desperate for some distraction during quarantine. Little did I know that my quarantine savior will be art. Inspired by a childhood dream of owning a real colorful parrot (shoutout to Mom for the toy version), I decided to dive into the colorful world of art. Animals, sunsets (see my most popular sunset painting below), abstract art, fluid art, resin art – you name it, I tried it. The pandemic turned me into an artist, and surprisingly, I loved every messy bit of it. Creating art became my emotional therapy, a lifeline to sanity during uncertain times. It wasn't just about splashing colours on a canvas; it was about creating joy and warmth when the world needed it most.

Believe it or not, within just two months of picking up a paintbrush, I snagged my first art commission. No, I wasn't secretly a Picasso in my pre-pandemic life – in fact, I hadn't touched a canvas since my school days! Fast forward, and I've now delivered over a dozen art commissions and even dabbled in making resin coasters that were selling faster than I can create them.

If you find yourself strolling through the Ottawa office reception on the 8th floor, keep an eye out for one of my abstract paintings (pic below).

But the fun doesn't stop there. Now, onto the latest adventure: a few weeks ago, I decided to set up shop at one of the Lebanese churches Christmas Market in Ottawa. What's my latest artistic endeavor? Faith-based art! Think biblical bookmarks, coasters, wall art signs, and Christmas cards. I'm on a creative spree, infusing a bit of spirituality into my brushstrokes, in preparation for the Christmas market. Below are some of my latest creations!

If you're curious and want to follow along on my artistic journey, catch me on Instagram or Facebook @paintandblossom or check out my website

So, cheers to unpredictable events, sometimes those life twists paint our present and future in the most unexpected positive way! 

Norma Abou-Rizk is a Senior Business Analyst as part of the RTR Payment Systems Operations team at Payments Canada.

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Colorful bookmarks - Tree of Life sunset.jpg
Colorful bookmarks - Tree of Life sunset.jpg

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