About Me

My life has been an unconventional journey and continues to be an exciting adventure.  Over the years, I managed to live and work in Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Syria!  I've moved addresses and changed phone numbers over 10 times!  If you're wondering about my whereabouts now, well I am back in Ottawa, Canada.  My journey was full of adventure, travel and diverse cultural experiences which allowed me to expand both my cultural and social perspective of the World.

Though my career is in Finance, I have a love affair and an obsession with all forms of creative art starting with latin dancing, music, and painting art!

I believe it is so important to feel good and to do anything that brings warmth in your home and joy in your life.  Starting March 2020, upon my return from Costa Rica and while in Quarantine, I decided to find a new hobby.  One thing I knew is that I have a love for colours and I prefer living in colour!  So, I started painting with vivid acrylics. At first, my fascination for landscapes, sunsets and animals were my daily inspiration, combined with a love for colorful pop-art.  Most recently, I started painting Abstracts and I haven't stopped since! I am fascinated by Abstracts and its different interpretations, it is free, it is fun, it is the best way to find and embrace beauty in imperfection.  Art is Not about Perfection after all!

Today, Painting is having a tremendous impact on my emotional and mental well-being, and I am really passionate about my art uplifting and inspiring others.  Please join me on my art journey and I hope my paintings bring you joy, warmth and a dose of positivity!